Doctors recommend that people who have back problems sleep on a firm surface. The best mattresses for the back are, therefore, mattresses with a medium / high firmness. Currently, there are a wide variety of mattresses in the market with different firmness ranges: low, medium and high. At first, it may be difficult to get used to them but, once adapted to them, they will find them very comfortable and you will get a better rest.

The best mattress for the back- Mattresses were very hard to relieve back pain for a while, but the truth is that they were not the best. Mattresses that do not give in to the pressure of the body end up causing great pressure on the bones that can lead to inflammations, especially in the hip and shoulders if you sleep on your side and in the lower back if you sleep on your back.

A firm mattress will help us keep the spine in a correct position. If we already have a relatively new mattress, which at the moment we do not want to change, we can try to improve the firmness with a good upholstered base.

The ideal set, for people who suffer back problems, would be formed by a good upholstered base and a firm mattress with spring core.

How to choose the best mattress for the back?

To buy the greatest bed onbest mattress 2019 for the back we must let us get advised by experts in the field. A suitable mattress will prevent us from suffering lumbago, contractures and bad sleeping postures, which will eliminate back pain produced by the mattress itself. But if our back problem does not cause serious mobility problems, we must bear in mind that electric articulated bed bases exist in the market. They will facilitate us, as much as possible, in our day today. We must always choose a mattress that allows the movement by the different positions of elevation of the bed base and offers, in turn, the maximum possible firmness.

A mattress that is not suitable for us can worsen our back pains. Also, the quality of sleep will be worse. A mattress that is comfortable for us will provide support and adequate rest.

There are no mattresses that eliminate back pain, but there are mattresses more appropriate for people suffering from these ailments.

A suitable mattress to take care of the back is what allows the spine to be perfectly aligned when we lie on our side and with its double “S” shape when we do it face up.

Therefore, we can conclude that the best mattress for the back must have a medium firmness and a high durability, that is to say, that it keeps its performance unalterable in long periods of time.

The viscoelastic material in the mattress, due to its ability to adapt to the body, offers greater possibilities of alignment of the spine. Comfort is also important. Any mattress suitable for the back is useless if we do not feel comfortable with it.

In short, provided there is no specific pathology associated with lumbar discomfort, a medium/high firmness mattress with high durability is recommended.