How and from whom to buy mattresses? This is the question that people often ask when they want to buy a mattress or more mattresses. In the following rows we will show you several things to keep in mind when you want to buy mattresses. Foam mattresses, memory mattresses, orthopedic mattresses, supercooled mattresses that fit?

Nowadays, the commercial is the soul of commerce, and as we already have, there is a brand-named Memory that has made “the big head” of potential mattress clients in Romania through excessive advertising on all possible and impossible media channels. Experience of mattress sales and interacting with people when they see mattresses, made me disturbed by the question: “Is Memory?” Not! It’s not Memory. If you want a Memory mattress, call them.

Ask them to buy an over-valued product as a price, when you can simply buy a similar product manufactured in Romania at half price. People after seeing an ad on a specific product, be it a mattress or another product, will omit to ask more questions about the product and buy it, then find it does not fully meet their needs. As a result, I could make some recommendations for your sleep-in accordance with the mattress you are sleeping on.

When to buy orthopedic mattresses?

Orthopedic mattresses can be purchased in principle by most people who do not have spinal disorders, which prefer a medium surface area such as hardness during sleep and weighing up to 85-90 kg. In the following, let us explain the statements made above. Why an orthopedic mattress would not be suitable for a person with spine disorders?

Because it is a medium hardness mattress, it is very possible that during sleep it will keep the spine in the proper position and worse to harm than to help us in this regard, there being the risk of leaving too much when you sit on it. Why is this type of orthopedic mattress dependent on weight? Exactly for the same reason mentioned above, namely: when you sit down on it, it’s very possible to sneak in too much and sit in it like in a hammock. As far as the budget is concerned, this is a small one for the purchase of an orthopedic mattress, but you should keep in mind the aforementioned to throw some money out of the window and to buy another product.

When to buy super-orthopedicmattresses?

When it comes to the super-automatic mattresses, the situation of radically changing them is suitable for most of the people. At one thing we should be very careful! Namely mattress manufacturers that designate certain types of mattresses assuperhortopedic although they are not! Some of those producers who use this little trick are Salted, Prestige, and Ergo flex.

So great attention!

How do we distinguish an orthopedic mattress from a super orthopedic one? The difference between them is very visible in quality. An orthopedic mattress is soft at most medium in hardness and has a height of 22 cm or more. A very clear example of the name and the true quality of the mattresses is the elegant Supertropopedica mattress marketed by Deadpan, a mattress of the worst quality. How should a super orthopedic mattress be?

It should be firm, with both medium and comfortable hardness at the same time. The height should be between 23 and 26 cm. The fabric covering the mattress should be at least 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The wadding used in quilting should have a minimum weight of 200 g / m2. A serious mattress retailer should recommend to the customer what suits it not to sell a product just for the sake of making a sale. If you are searching for orthopedic mattress click on best mattressesand get the best deal.